• Time to Salsa
    Time to Salsa Catch the Salsa dance wave that is sweeping across the world. Join us for parties and classes in Hong Kong and Shenzhen today! 现在就来感受全世界流行的莎莎舞!立即加入我们在香港和深圳的课程及派对!
  • Studio Classes
    Studio Classes It is better to learn Salsa in a classroom environment where you get proper coaching and to practice with your classmates. 在课室环境里学莎莎舞不但可以得到正确的教导,也可以与同学们培养友情,一起学习,一起练习。
  • Salsa Parties
    Salsa Parties Great way to meet new friends and try out the new moves you learnt in classes. Salsa is about having loads of fun dancing with different people! 莎莎舞所带来的欢乐来自与不同的舞伴跳舞,在派对练习课堂里学过的套路,认识新朋友扩大社交圈。

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Why join a Salsa class?

Salsa Class

One of the best ways to meet new friends in a new city is to take up fun and easy Salsa dance classes.